Say Hey, It’s Willie Mays’ Hillside Pad

From the pages of Ebony, August 1963 is phototour of Willie Mays‘ mod house. It’s interesting to see the mix of styles in here, particularly Willie’s bedroom. It goes to show that not everyone who lived in a Modern home filled it with furniture by Eames, Nelson, Knoll, etc.

The home was constructed by speculative builder Al Maisin and even though the article says an architect was involved they don’t mention his name.

The house still exists, but I couldn’t find any other details. Here’s what Google Maps shows. I’ve included some snapshots from Google at the bottom of the page.

Click on each pic for a larger view




11 thoughts on “Say Hey, It’s Willie Mays’ Hillside Pad

  1. For the author: I grew up in a San Franscisco neighborhood called Forest Hill, but its not full of mansions or a view of the bridge. I think part of the problem of finding updated information may be that Medosa street goes under a different neighborhood name(everything changes!). My family members are all amazingly committed SF Giants fans, so I’ll take a look around for the place on my next visit to them. p.s. I LOVE the interior decor. Very personal–nice that the magazine documented it.


  2. Update: Forest Hill neighborhood name (no s) still in common usage. Not known if current owner of Mays house is aware of lineage.


  3. The un-named architect of this home is Kent Linn, who is still in practice. The house sold for $90,000 in 1975, only $5,000 more than Willie spent for it in 1962. That owner is the current owner so they have been there for almost 40 years. House would probably now go for $1.2-1.5 million. Great house.


  4. Very cool finding this site as I’m reading James Hirsch’s fine bio on Willie. The description of the house and the designer helped me find pix of it.


  5. The discordant mis-mash of unrelated building elements is the reason I have not heard of this Architect. It is interesting, like a car wreck. I have found many Movie Stars, Sports figures, to have poor taste yet they thirst for some sort of distinction in their homes.


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