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A. Quincy Jones & Frederick E. Emmons – X-100, 1586 Lexington Ave. San Mateo, CA – 1956   Leave a comment

According to the CA Modernist, Dave Weinstein, over at the Eicher Network, the X-100 is likely to be placed on the National Register this April. It is being restored by its owner, Marty Arbunich, Eichler Network director and CA-Modern magazine publisher. So, we should see it looking a lot like you see it here.

Go check out the article – Eichler’s X-100 Aims for the National Register

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How It Got Started   Leave a comment

The backstory on postwar mod housing

Old House Journal has a good article on “how progressive architects and builders brought high-concept houses to the postwar ‘burbs.”

Houses like this for example:

3206470-1 Built: 1959 Paces Ferry Road 30327
Several communities that sprung up with houses having a modern bent are still going strong today, preserving the homes:

** Arapahoe Acres on Flickr

** Arapahoe Acres

** Hollin Hills on Flickr

** Glenbrook Valley

** Memorial Architecture Blog

** Memorial Bend

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