Wilt “The Stilt” and His House on the Hill

Update April 2022: Back on the marketNBA Legend Wilt Chamberlain’s Former LA Home Has Soaring 5-Story Ceilings—and It Just Listed for $15 Million

Previously on market in 2018 – Dwell articleWilt Chamberlain’s Former Bel Air Bachelor Pad Is Listed For $18.9M

Ready for a another athlete’s home? You already got an insider’s view of Willie Mays’ pad from the 60s, so let’s see how Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain pushed the limits of mod living as shown in Life from March 24, 1972 and the January 1974 issue of Ebony. The architect was David Tenneson Rich who has the story of his involvement on his site.

Here’s more info from Big Time Listings when the house was sold in 2007:

“Built in 1971, the five-bedroom, 7,158-square-foot contemporary-style house at 15216 Antelo Place in Bel-Air was built by Chamberlain, who lived there until his death in 1999. TV writers George Meyer and Maria Semple purchased the house from Chamberlain’s estate in 2002 for nearly $3 million, and have owned it ever since. The house has attracted much attention over the years—both with this listing and in 2000-2002, when Chamberlain’s estate was trying to unload it, first for $7.45 million and later reducing its asking price to $4.38 million. The house’s unconventional (some might say tacky) features include a gold-lined hot tub, a retractable mirrored ceiling above the master bed, a swimming pool that flows into the living room, walls of glass, 40-foot ceilings, a wrap-around pool, and a balcony suspended over the living room, according to listing information. Other features include five and a half baths and teak finishes, according to listing information.

The house sits on a 2.58-acre parcel that has ocean and city views, according to public records and listing information.”


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Save Dorothy Shipley White’s House

Mitchell/Giurgola – Dorothy Shipley White Residence – 717 Glengarry Road, Philadelphia, PA 1963

Hidden City just posted an article about the terrible condition of this house and the efforts being made to save it – Advocates Mobilize to Save a Mid-Century Modern Icon

In 1965, Progressive Architecture published this article:

Nomination Form @ Philadelphia Register of Historic Places

MidCentury Architecture Archives: The Australian Women’s Weekly

The Australian Women’s Weekly Collection

1950 – 1970

Welcome – In here you’ll find a collection of over 20 years worth of Midcentury Modern articles from The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine. You can scroll through the pages here or click to be taken to our flickr page for much larger images.


All images are for educational purposes and are under copyright of creators and owners.

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1950

kells, warwick the_australian_womens_weekly_10_06_1950_0064

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1951

L1000 plan-a-home winner the_australian_womens_weekly_21_04_1951_0034

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1952

ancher - bristow The_Australian_Womens_Weekly_01_10_1952_0046

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1953

ancher mortlock & murray The_Australian_Womens_Weekly_02_12_1953_0056

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1954

family home contest - brunton lilly & joyce The_Australian_Womens_Weekly_05_05_1954_0030

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1955

home service plan 10 The_Australian_Womens_Weekly_05_01_1955_0039

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1956

mcmurray - The_Australian_Womens_Weekly_05_09_1956_0072

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1957


The Australian Women’s Weekly 1958

ab challice The_Australian_Womens_Weekly_08_10_1958_0057

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1959

badger, langdon the_australian_womens_weekly_26_08_1959_0035_33885527001_o

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1960

ancher mortlock & murray the_australian_womens_weekly_28_12_1960_0058_33629763140_o

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1961

bugbee the_australian_womens_weekly_04_10_1961_0052_33171841844_o

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1962

carlingford home fair - kingsdene estates the_australian_womens_weekly_16_05_1962_0008_34015255675_o

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1963

beautiful homes - seaside home built around a courtyard the_australian_womens_weekly_13_11_1963_0068_33857699222_o

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1964

1964 telegraph home show - japanese house the_australian_womens_weekly_24_06_1964_0077_33171736454_o

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1965

berryman ad the_australian_womens_weekly_05_05_1965_0070_33171669844_o

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1966

malnic the_australian_womens_weekly_16_02_1966_0049_33885296541_o

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1967

thynne & denham the_australian_womens_weekly_19_04_1967_0066_33587703970_o

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1968

murray, robert - the_australian_womens_weekly_03_07_1968_0049_33159686933_o

 The Australian Women’s Weekly 1969

chapman, martyn the_australian_womens_weekly_05_11_1969_36

The Australian Women’s Weekly 1970

adam, john the_australian_womens_weekly_21_10_1970_84

MidCentury Architecture Archives: House & Garden

House & Garden Collection

1938 – 1971

Welcome – In here you’ll find a collection of over 30 years worth of Midcentury Modern articles from House & Garden magazine. You can scroll through the pages here or click to be taken to our flickr page for much larger images.


All images are for educational purposes and are under copyright of creators and owners.

House & Garden 1938, 1939, 1940 & 1941

landefield & hatch - pittsburgh plate glass - house of glass.jpg

House & Garden 1943

koch -wallace housegarden83jannewy_0102

House & Garden 1944

loewy housegarden86julnewy_0085

House & Garden 1945

cover housegarden88julnewy_0097

House & Garden 1946

abrahams housegarden89jannewy_0470

House & Garden 1947

breuer - geller housegarden91jannewy_0062

House & Garden 1948

hill, henry housegarden93jannewy_0577

House & Garden 1949

breuer - robinson housegarden95jannewy_0169

House & Garden 1950

frey, albert & clark, john housegarden48julnewy_0156

House & Garden 1951

stein - appert housegarden100julnewy_0121

House & Garden 1952

sert housegarden101janewy_0005

House & Garden 1953

aq jones - brody housegarden103janewy_0427

House & Garden 1954

ives, philip housegarden106julnewy_0005

House & Garden 1955

the packaged house - goodman, charles - national homes housegarden107jannewy_0923

House & Garden 1956

deigert & yerkes - house of ideas housegarden110julnewy_0419

House & Garden 1957

ladd (hilltop) housegarden111jannewy_0486

House & Garden 1958

bolton & barnstone - gordon housegarden113jannewy_0005

House & Garden 1959

dart housegarden116julnewy_0113

House & Garden 1960

campbell & wong housegarden118julnewy_0170

 House & Garden 1961

levitt - horton housegarden120julnewy_0069

House & Garden 1962

rudolph - milam housegarden122julnewy_0598

House & Garden 1963

bedar & alpers housegarden124julnewy_0402

House & Garden 1964

leighton - powers housegarden125jannewy_0630

House & Garden 1965

beadle housegarden128julnewy_1039

House & Garden 1966

bolton - loy housegarden130julnewy_0474

House & Garden 1967

jacobsen, hugh - vest housegarden132julnewy_0095

House & Garden 1968

barnes housegarden133jannewy_0100

House & Garden 1969

webber - factor housegarden136julnewy_0414

House & Garden 1970

colburn housegarden137jannewy_0068

House & Garden 1971

graves, michael housegarden139jannewy_0736

MidCentury Architecture Archives:

Better Homes & Gardens Collection

1949 – 1970

Welcome – In here you’ll find a collection of over 20 years worth of Midcentury Modern articles from Better Homes & Gardens magazine. You can scroll through the pages here or click to be taken to our flickr page for much larger images.


All images are for educational purposes and are under copyright of creators and owners.

Better Homes & Gardens 1949

goldstein, irvine - eisenbach betterhomesgarde27jandesm_0044

Better Homes & Gardens 1950

bissner, harold BHG195008001

Better Homes & Gardens 1951

prichard betterhomesgarde29jandesm1951_0738

Better Homes & Gardens 1954

bailey - eyre betterhomesgarde32juldesm1954_0049

Better Homes & Gardens 1956

armstrong - boyd betterhomesgarde34juldesm1956_0980

Better Homes & Gardens 1957

baesel betterhomesgarde35jandesm1957_0191

Better Homes & Gardens 1958

2 portland cement ad - brooks & coddington - meyer betterhomesgarde36juldesm1958_0338

Better Homes & Gardens 1959

norris betterhomesgarde37juldesm1959_0048

Better Homes & Gardens 1960

1 1960 idea homes betterhomesgarde38juldesm1960_0217

Better Homes & Gardens 1961

huebner betterhomesgarde39juldesm1961_0543

Better Homes & Gardens 1962

blair, dennis betterhomesgarde40juldesm1962_0330

Better Homes & Gardens 1963

fickett betterhomesgarde41juldesm1963_0149

Better Homes & Gardens 1964

blake betterhomesgarde42jandesm1964_0394

Better Homes & Gardens 1965

armstrong ad betterhomesgarde43juldesm1965_0574

Better Homes & Gardens 1966

armstrong ad betterhomesgarde44jandesm1966_0118

Better Homes & Gardens 1967

1 three concept houses - page betterhomesgarde45jandesm_0064

Better Homes & Gardens 1968

crites & mcconnell betterhomesgarde46jandesm1968_0844

Better Homes & Gardens 1969

7 smart affordable houses - church & shiels betterhomesgarde47jandesm1969_0163

Better Homes & Gardens 1970

5 genuine 1970 houses - bonner betterhomesgarde48jandesm1970_0500


MidCentury Architecture Archives: Better Homes & Gardens