Don Knorr – Case Study House No. 19 (1957)

Designed for a young couple and their son, this unbuilt design by Don Knorr was the first home in the Case Study program to be located outside southern California. The H-shaped plan consisted of the child’s bedroom and play area as well as the guest quarters. The other wing of the house, connected to the first wing by a glazed hallway, held the master bedroom, dining room, kitchen and study. This distinct separation of areas was carried though to the outdoors where the pool and barbecue were placed at a distance from the house. – A Genealogy of Los Angeles Futures

Although the house was drawn all the way up to its construction documents, it was never built due to the client’s financial difficulties. Instead, Knorr built a similar project – the Hilmer House – on a lot in the same area, and in it he implemented the same adobe and steel technology. – NorCalMod: Icons of Northern California Modernist Architecture




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