George Vernon Russell – Millikan Residence – Southern California (1960)   4 comments

Arts & Architecture, October 1960
George Vernon Russell - Mallikin Residence - Southern California (1960)

Arts & Architecture, September 1963
George Vernon Russell - Mallikin Residence - Southern California (1960)

George Vernon Russell - Mallikin Residence - Southern California (1960) Floorplan


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4 responses to “George Vernon Russell – Millikan Residence – Southern California (1960)

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  1. Colin Russell (son of George Vernon Russell)

    As George Vernon Russell’s son, (and an architect in my own right) I had the privilege of serving as an assistant to the photographer of this house when I was still in high school. The names of the Owners were Clark Millikan (not Mallikan) and his wife, whose name I don’t recall . Clark Millikan was a prominent physician and son of the scientist for whom the Millikan Library at CalTech is named. The Millikans were close friends of my family and I knew all their kids well.

    The house is one of the finest my father did, with an unusual radial plan that opened up sweeping views of valley below.

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  2. Sadly the property was razed and subdivided. I grew up there, the son of Edie and Clark (my stepfather) Millikan. Ironically, the house that existed on the property and was torn down to build our home was a sprawling Spanish hacienda, and the house that since replaced our home is another Spanish flavored mansion.

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  3. Virginia Parry (step-daughter of Clark Millikan)

    Honored to say that this was my childhood home. I recently found stereo slides of 690 Wendover construction: from tear-down of the funky (and wonderful) old Spanish –bordello (?!) to final landscaping. I remember New Year’s Eve with George Vernon Russell (always all three names)… Bagpipe parade down Orange Grove. Great man. What he shaped was a big part of shaping me.

    Thank you for this post –typo and all (it’s Millikan) =:-)


  4. David Parry:

    When the 1968 Flintridge Prep Prom was held at your home, it was a very inspiring and memorable architectural experience for me. Most Modernist residential that I had seen in my sixteen years was rather conventional.

    The dramatic floor plan, the interior detailing and stunning setting really drew my attention. The spatial experience through the house and down to the pool deck were compelling. Especially forward-thinking was the kitchen plan and it’s relationship to the view and the rest of the house.

    I later became an architect, focusing on a similar specialized range of residence design.

    It was surprising to come across this article about G.V. Russell, and even more so to find that you had commented.

    Richard Giesbret


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