Free Neutra!

Update – 12/27/14

Richard Neutra, mcarch’s favorite architect, wrote several books delving into his philosophy of architecture. In a nutshell, humans need thoughtfully designed homes that contribute to their quality of life and well-being. The connection with nature was very important to Neutra. The result was not organic architecture, but homes that supplemented their natural environment. Below is the Ohara Residence, a good example of his philosophy.

If you want to read more, one two of Neutra’s books, Survival Through Design and World and Dwelling, are online free at OpenLibrary (you’ll need to sign up to be able to read).

Click here to go to the OpenLibrary

Ohara Residence IntOhara Res Ext 1ohara_e.jpg


10 thoughts on “Free Neutra!

  1. Thanks for the comments! Tom, it’s true that the majority of Neutra’s work was done in California. But, he designed many buildings across the U.S. and in Europe. In “Neutra: Complete Works”, there’s a map showing all the locations. I count over 20 places in Connecticut, NY, and Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the book doesn’t index the locations, but if I come across anything in the Long Island area, I’ll let you know.


  2. Thanks. I’m actually in Westchester County, one town over from New Canaan. Ct., so I’d be more interested in what you might find out about the northern suburbs and Connecticut than Long Island (which I mentioned only because I thought I had heard he had done a house out in the Hamptons). New Canaan, as you might know, has about 80 mid-century moderns still extant (we’ve been writing about one that’s in peril, Philip Johnson’s Alice Ball House, on our blog) but I haven’t heard of a Neutra there.


  3. You’ll be happy to know that I found three Neutras in Connecticut.

    – Glen House (1960) 130 Brookhollow Ln, Stamford

    – Kraigher House (1958) Bethlehem Rd, Litchfield

    – Corwin House (1955) Huckleberry Ln, Weston

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t get exact addresses for the last two. According to Zillow, the Glen House still stands.

    As for New York, there is the Adelphi University Swirbul Library (1963) Garden City, Long Island

    I guess since Neutra did such a large number of houses/buildings that some of them have gotten “lost” over the years. Hopefully, the other two houses are still extant.


  4. Stamford is next door although Brookhollow Lane is somewhat out of the way. And now that you mention it, I remember someone emailing me about it, or posting a comment on my blog about it, some months ago.

    Brookhollow is an estate area, very close to back country Greenwich. I’ll do a drive-by and see if it’s visible from the road.


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  6. If you go to you will see a website about the Richard and Dion Neutra VDL Studio/Residences. There is a “links” page at the bottom of which you will find a link to “world map of Neutra Projects”. This leads to a new Freebase data base which shows addresses, maps and satellite images of all Neutra projects.

    Good Hunting, and nice pictures of the Ohara House!

    Raymond Richard Neutra MD


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