A Trip to Idlewild (1961)   4 comments

Once upon a time in mid-century USA, airports were neat places to see and experience. Not at all like today where you are subjected to a dreaded, purgatorian visit to the sterile lockdown. That gets you prepared for boarding the winged Greyhound bus…Oh well, I’m just getting wound up now, so let’s take a look at a trip around Idlewild (now Kennedy) Airport in New York back in 1961. These pics were taken by Dimitri Kessel for an article in LIFE magazine about Idlewild. Enjoy!

And here is the iconic TWA Terminal (now JetBlue Terminal 5) designed by Eero Saarinen under construction:


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4 responses to “A Trip to Idlewild (1961)

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  1. One amazing design and amazing photographs showing a part of history that wasn’t so long ago but feels like a world away.


  2. great pictures of a by gone time! “The Jetsons” here we come!


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