George Matsumoto – Lipman Residence

Another one of our favorites here is George Masumoto’s Lipman Residence. Located in Richmond, Virginia, it was built in 1957. This “split-level” was included in the book Contemporary Houses Evaluated by Their Owners (1961). Here’s a pdf of that article: background-of-simplicity-lipman-residence-matsumoto

It was a pleasant surprise when I came across these new photos of the Lipman house on ryantevebaugh’s Flickr page. Although it looks like there was an addition built, Matsumoto’s design still looks good 50 years on. Enjoy these full color pics of Mid Century Modern goodness:


Lipman Residence article from Contemporary Houses Evaluated by Their Owners (pdf)

George Matsumoto Set on Flickr

ryantevebaugh’s Lipman Residence Set on Flickr

George Matsumoto video interview (1997)


5 thoughts on “George Matsumoto – Lipman Residence

  1. Very nice. I live in a house designed by Dave Runnels, built in 1951 in Leawood, Kansas. There are three houses on my cul-de-sac designed by Runnels Clark Masumoto and Waugh of Kansas City. Until these photos I had never seen a Matsumoto design. The house next door to mine was Clark’s house.


  2. I am a graduate student at the North Carolina State School of Architecture, and I am researching a series of houses designed by George Matsumoto, a former professor of this school in 1960. I have found articles on the houses in old architectural journals and pop culture magazines that list the builders, but I can’t find any information on specific site location or current status. The houses were commissioned by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation as a “Gold Medallion Homes”. They were built in Tampa, FL; Jackson, MS; Atlanta, GA; and Little Rock, AR. Any help in learning more about these houses would be much appreciated. Thank you for your thorough website and your help.


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