Who is Jack Viks?

We’re not sure who Jack Viks is (was) as a Google search turned up no info. He sure designed a spectacular house though. Check out this cantilevered mid-century modern beauty from 1960. It’s currently for sale for $2.29M in Lake Forest, Illinois. The realtor says Viks was a student of Mies Van Der Rohe. This house certainly has Miesian traits to it like the steel frame with the exposed I-beams and glass walls. The interior seems much warmer than other minimalist houses like the Farnsworth house. Here are some pics of this spectacular house:

1960 (Higher Res Pics!)

Click here to see the Listing at Realtor.com for more info

Jack Viks Slideshow on Flickr

13 thoughts on “Who is Jack Viks?

  1. Gorgeous home and the fact that it is in Lake Forest (just north of chicago) doesn’t seem to hurt either.

    Does anyone know how long this property has been on the market? seems like it must be lagger given the winter pics. Regardless, beautiful home + good find!


  2. I had to disagree somewhat with calling the Farnsworth house not warm. About 12 years ago I was on a crew that filmed the house for HGTV and we spent a couple of days there. Yes, the interior is very simple, but given what it is being compared to above, I actually think they are very similar- and with all of the windows and gorgeous views, I found it VERY inviting and warm, despite its simplicity.

    A neat detail about the Farnsworth house as well- while we were filming, we were told that one of the previous owners had an original Picasso sculpture. There was a flood (there is a river that goes through the property- the Fox River or Des Plaines?) that washed awaythe sculpture and was never found. So, somewhere out there near the property is an original Picasso sculpture waiting to be discovered!


  3. Mr. Viks is alive and well. He is now married to a lovely woman named Evi. I recently purchased his 1969 Mercedes 280 SL (which he, in turn, purchased new and took delivery of in Germany). I picked up the car at their home as his is disposing of many personal affects in a move to consolidate his numnerous homes around the world. It sits on 4 acres and is, although minimalist, quite warm with views in all directions of forest and trees (hence Lake Forest). I live a mile or so from them.

    Wonderfully warm folks in a wonderful home


  4. Jeff Ross – Thanks for commenting! I guess that’s what happens sometimes when one has only seen a place in pictures. I’ve had the experience of thinking a place would be great after seeing photos, then be disappointed after visiting it. To me, the photos of the Viks’ home do show that modern architecture can be warm and inviting.


  5. Paul Burt – Thanks for the neat personal story. I’m glad you took time to write to add some background to this. I find this to be a fascinating home and can’t believe it hasn’t been more publicized.


  6. Thank you for posting my photos of this wonderful property. I am the Realtor representing the property, so please call me at 312-371-0986 if you would like additional information or to tour the house and grounds. Jack and Evi are lovely people with a passion for architecture and the lifestyle this unique home offers. This is an exceptional opportunity for anyone who appreciates mid-century modern architecture and design. This is my specialty, and I invite you to visit my website at http://www.modernproperty.com. The house is very much integrated with the wooded lot, with all exterior walls on the upper level being glass. The interior is warm with wood floors and nature views from every angle. The price of this property has been reduced to $1,800,000 which includes 3.93 acres of land, the house with pool, poolhouse, and garages for 8 cars. The property has been approved for subdivision into 3 lots (the house and all structures on about 2 acres; and two vacant wooded lots about 0.9 acres each). The subdivision of the land has not been completed yet, so now is your chance to buy it all. There has been considerable interest and it’s been marketed extensively (Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, local MLS, Modernism Magazine, Atomic Ranch magazine, http://www.realtor.com, http://www.modernproperty.com etc)and we’re looking for the right buyer. The two vacant lots can be purchased together for $700,000. This is a prestigious area near Conway Farms with easy access to I-294 and IL-41, between Everett and Kennedy (IL-60). Please contact me anytime if you’d like additional information.


  7. I live in bahamas am in Eleuthera and meet Jack at his house here that he just sold. He is one of thenicest people in the world. I love his open concept building methods. This is a gorgeous house!!! It is off the market now. He feels like this house is part of him and did not want to sell it in the end. What a wonderful man!


  8. His son Marcus W Viks owns the home Jack built in Republic , Michigan for summer time. It is very similar to the Lake Forrest home. He is getting ready to put up for sale. It sits on a lake with several acres and a dock. Jacob (Jack) was a remarkable man with amazing talent and vision. He is missed .


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