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This post is bad news/good news. The bad is that we are about to lose another spectacular midcentury house. Located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, the house designed by Arthur Erickson for David Graham in 1962 is on the verge of being brought down by its present owners.

Now for the good news. Another Erickson house, the Filberg Residence, was designed in 1958 and is on the market. This spectacular home looks to be in great shape.


Arthur Erickson

Graham House Article – Globe and Mail

Filberg House – Real Estate site

Filberg House Article – Winnipeg Free Press

Filberg House Article – New York Times


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  3. Makes me ill that the owners would ever consider taking it down!!!!


  4. The A. Erickson home is absolutely beautiful. Hard to believe that someone would take this down. Seems like a home ripe for a MCM purist (with a budget!)


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