Neutra’s Singleton Residence Still Up For Grabs (For Only $19M…)

By my favorite MCM architect. Neutra had several houses I’d call masterpieces, and this is definitely one of them. It is a perfect blending of nature with the built environment.

There has been a reduction in the price. It originally listed at $25M!

Sotheby’s description:

“RICHARD NEUTRA, ARCHITECT. THE SINGLETON RESIDENCE, 1959. This is one of the most famous architectural sites in America, comprising five plus acres on top of Bel Air, with exceptional views. Neutra designed this residence to sit in perfect harmony with nature. Renovated and expanded with respect, integrity and no expense spared. A new master bedroom wing has been seamlessly added, the kitchen expanded, and a gallery now blends the approach to the earlier Neutra addition into the overall floorplan with élan.”


6 thoughts on “Neutra’s Singleton Residence Still Up For Grabs (For Only $19M…)

  1. Nobody who cherishes mid century architecture modern architecture should touch this place because buying it would reward an act of naked architectural vandalism. This is Vidal Sassoon’s wife’s spec house, which she bought recently for about $6 Million. The $14 Million price rise is attributed to her invidious remodeling of the house, which is almost universally deemed a disaster hostile to Neutra’s entire vision – including a nearly complete reconfiguration of his original spaces and addition of slick lux finishes he knew about and summarily rejected. Many area architects are outraged. The damage has been noted by at least one major magazine expose. As just one example: There’s a gigantic new master suite addition, where the Neutra content is literally zero! The addition is so dreadful that the seller doesn’t even provide the designer’s name in the marketing. The addition was made necessary by the conversion of the three original bedrooms into a gigantic, soulless kitchen (ckeck out the Meyler photos) and the original carport into bedrooms.

    The marketing is highly misleading. Contrary to ther seller’s suggestions, it’s not a “celebrity house” – and no Sassoon has ever lived there. There is no evidence that any real $25 Million offer was ever made on this house, although the seller and her agent keep claiming that happened. The supposed “$25 Milion offer” that “fell through” (otherwise known as “the big one that got away” in fishing lore) is just hooey. The house is not even in “real” Bel Air – it’s technically got a “Bel Air address, but is miles from the lush neighborhoods associated with that quarter. There’s more. Lots more.

    If you love MCM, stay away!


    1. I would love to hear more of the criticisms to the remodeled Singleton House. I worked on that remodel and I can say that there was a tremendous amount of consideration give to every inch of the remodel and keeping the essence of Nuetra. I’m not looking to have a conflict, but an open dialog about what is so offensive. I think once you go up to the space and experience it your thoughts may change , if you’re open to it. I think it is a beautiful place. I know the original post is old but if anyone reads this and would like to talk about it please leave a response and I will converse happily.


  2. Terry,

    I had misgivings about some of what I saw in the Meyler photos, particularly the space reorganization and the addition. I’m biased in my thinking, but Neutra knew spaces. I can’t imagine any architect/designer thinking they could improve this house, and judging by the new interiors, I’m right. I haven’t heard about the outrage until now, but if you send me any links or the name of the magazine, I will do another posting about this.

    It really is a shame what “money” can do. Too bad the Sassoons didn’t spend their millions on simply upgrading the home and preserving it. The Singleton house is one of the best examples of Neutra’s style. How terrible it is now that it has had much of its character removed. I wouldn’t want it to go unsold, then it could end up like some other great MCM houses and be demolished. I am particularly concerned about this since it sits on five acres. My hope would be that eventually someone will purchase it (at a reasonable price) and bring it back like the couple who bought Neutra’s Kaufmann Residence in Palm Springs.


  3. Does anyone know where additional interior pics can be found? The Meylers link is broken and I was interested to see how bastardized the house actually is (the exterior pics presented above look great).


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