How About a Hyperbolic Paraboloid House?

Benedict Hill Road, New Canaan, CT, Built: 1960

This house, designed by architect Jim Evans in 1960 shows a rare residential application of the hypar roof. It’s located in New Canaan, Ct and has recently been put on the market.

The most well known house using this style roof was designed by Eduardo Catalano in 1954 and was demolished in March 2001.


Triangle Modernist Houses – Jim Evans


6 thoughts on “How About a Hyperbolic Paraboloid House?

  1. I first became a fan of this style of roof in the mid 1970’s. A friend of my father’s – an engineer by the name of Lou Harding – designed many of these in Western Australia. They can be spectacular.


  2. I have a hyperbolic paraboloid roof house in the Hamptons. LOVE it . . . . it’s circular with a pool in the center. By architect John Rawlings, c 1967.


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