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Say Hey, It’s Willie Mays’ Hillside Pad   9 comments

From the pages of Ebony, August 1963 is phototour of Willie Mays‘ mod house. It’s interesting to see the mix of styles in here, particularly Willie’s bedroom. It goes to show that not everyone who lived in a Modern home filled it with furniture by Eames, Nelson, Knoll, etc.

The home was constructed by speculative builder Al Maisin and even though the article says an architect was involved they don’t mention his name.

The house still exists, but I couldn’t find any other details. Here’s what Google Maps shows. I’ve included some snapshots from Google at the bottom of the page.

Click on each pic for a larger view


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Rare Morris Lapidus House in WSJ. Magazine   Leave a comment

The Wall Street Journal is featuring one of the three residences that Lapidus designed. Take a look:

WSJ. Magazine -The House That Lapidus Built



More Links about Morris Lapidus:

The Luxury of Lapidus Glamour, Class, and Architecture in Miami Beach

Lapidus Resurrected

Is This A Tear-Down? Updated 12/16/09   7 comments

Save This House!

Save This House!

Update:  Still for sale, but with a new realtor who is marketing it without the mention of being a teardown.

Well the realtor certainly thinks so. I haven’t seen this neat example of Mid Century architecture in person, so I can’t vouch for it 100%, but the available pics make it look pretty well taken care of.

This California-style ranch, built in 1960, is a rare find in the Atlanta area. Even more interesting is that it appears much of the original detail is still intact. It would be a shame to see a soulless McMansion taking its place. Hopefully, the slow housing market and the $975K $895K asking price will prevent a developer from knocking down this gem.

Entry...Looks like original door hardware and check out the planters.

Entry...Looks like original door hardware and check out the planters.


Family Room & Kitchen...Beams, bricks, wood paneling



Harry Norman Realtors

MCM Architects on the Record   2 comments

The Art Institute of Chicago has a large collection of transcripts of interviews with 20th Century architects “who shaped the physical environment in Chicago and surrounding communities”. Many of them are mid-century modernists who were well known in their day. Unfortunately, most have passed on and are becoming forgotten.

Here are a few with examples of their work:

Lever House

Bunshaft Residence - 1
Bunshaft Residence

Marina City

Leavengood Residence

For more interviews: Chicago Architects Oral History Project

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MCM Global – Canada   6 comments

This post is bad news/good news. The bad is that we are about to lose another spectacular midcentury house. Located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, the house designed by Arthur Erickson for David Graham in 1962 is on the verge of being brought down by its present owners.

Now for the good news. Another Erickson house, the Filberg Residence, was designed in 1958 and is on the market. This spectacular home looks to be in great shape.


Arthur Erickson

Graham House Article – Globe and Mail

Filberg House – Real Estate site

Filberg House Article – Winnipeg Free Press

Filberg House Article – New York Times

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How It Got Started   Leave a comment

The backstory on postwar mod housing

Old House Journal has a good article on “how progressive architects and builders brought high-concept houses to the postwar ‘burbs.”

Houses like this for example:

3206470-1 Built: 1959 Paces Ferry Road 30327
Several communities that sprung up with houses having a modern bent are still going strong today, preserving the homes:

** Arapahoe Acres on Flickr

** Arapahoe Acres

** Hollin Hills on Flickr

** Glenbrook Valley

** Memorial Architecture Blog

** Memorial Bend

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MCM – Hiding in Plain Sight (1) – Mammoth Mountain Inn   Leave a comment

This will be an occasional post where we uncover less well-known mid-century buildings that are still functional. What we have here is the Mammoth Mountain Inn located in Mammoth Lakes, CA. This three-story a-frame was designed by Theodore Boutmy and was constructed in the late 1950s. For more pics and info, check out Modernism Rediscovered by Pierluigi Serraino and Julius Shulman.

Mammoth Mountain Inn


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